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We are very much pleased to provide you some informations on certain development processes of the children at Home, Vedapatti viz. about their academic education, intellectual capacity improvement, performance level on Vocational courses, Spirituality, Moral behaviours, Health etc; for the months of September and October 2018.


Performance level of children in Academic Education


We would like to inform you that all 128 children have been regularly attending to school and adhering to the rules and regulations of the school promptly till date.  In fact, according to the statement cum affirmation given by the Principal and all class teachers of the school, their attendance is 100% and their learning skills cum knowledge on the academic subjects have vastly improved.  Children are much eager and enthusiastic in observing cum learning on the academic subjects in school.


Since because of the hard work cum continuous efforts taken by all the Wardens at Home, all Children had prepared themselves for the Quarterly Examinations that had held in September 2018.  We feel much happy that 80% of the children had scored good marks and 20% of children have scored only border marks.  Based on the marks scored by children, the Wardens have already started to improve further,  on the level of performance of the children, so as to concentrate on their academic subjects and score 100% marks in all academic subjects through the evening study classes (special coaching) regularly.  Followed by the quarterly exam, all children had gone to their homes for quarterly holidays for about one week and they all have come back to home and have started to continue their academic studies.


We would like to mention that the Parents / Kith and kin have expressed their immense happy over the vast improvement of their children who have scored good marks in quarterly exam and they all have  expressed their heartfelt gratitude to you (the donors) for the monetary supports that you are extending to their children.  We, the Wardens (Sisters and lay wardens) and the Director feel much happy over the good marks scored by the children and we all keep much confident that they would score high marks in the forthcoming half - yearly exam to be held in Dec. 2018.


Awareness Education on Child Rights


In view of creating adequate awareness on child related rights cum privileges of children, we had arranged for an awareness creation meeting for the children at home with the help of the childline 1098 section from DMSSS, Dindigul. The staff team of Childline 1098 explained about Childline 1098, its objectives, activities etc; Their talk was given as below:


  • The works for the protection of the rights of all children in general;

  • The special focus is the children who are in need of care and protection especially for the vulnerable children.

  • Awareness on Child Rights; 1. Right to Survival 2. Right to Protection, 3. Right to Participation and 4. Right to Development

  • Explained about good touch and bad touch.

Right to Protection: Every child has the right to be protected from exploitation, abuse, neglect at home and anywhere.

Right to Participation: A Child has the right to participate in any decision making directly or indirectly.

Right to survival: A child has the right to survive at their homes.

Right to development: Children have the rights for all kinds of development through education and learning and physical development through recreation, play and nutrition.  To express their feelings such as emotional, mental and physical.


Extra Curricular Activities


More number of children are very eager to involve on various activities with passion of hard efforts which really help them to grow and to bring out their hidden potentialities / talents such as gardening, plantation of tree seedlings and maintenance, cooking, cutting vegetables, drawing, dancing, singing etc; children are keen and much interested in preparing project works assignment given by the class teachers.


During the months of September and October, we had conducted different skills / talents development competition in which more number of children had revealed their artistic talents.  During the birthday of every child, it was celebrated by all.


Picnic arranged by the school management


The School Management had arranged for an one day Picnic for the children from 8th to 12th standards and they had been taken to Pondicherry.  More number of Child had participated  in the picnic where they had visited the sea shore, different churches, temples, shopping centres etc;   The children had really enjoyed very much and much delighted to visit these places which really had an unforgettable opportunity.

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