Vedapatti Child Care Centre


Counselling guidance


Counselling guidances were given to children in distress and difficulties.  Initially, we deal with friendly talk with rapport building and then move to next stage  of intensive counseling.  All detailed informations are revealed by the children through the initial  stage of counseling and based on which sisters identity the inner / real problems and difficulties of the children and help them to relieve from their negative attitudes and to transform towards the betterment of their lifestyle.  The counseling guidance includes recreational and motivational theraphy as well.


Entertainment and Spiritual development


Practice of Yoga and Meditation help the children to concentrate on their studies.  In order to attain / maintain good health, to bring true happiness to bring peace then children can have the attitude of discipline and control one’s own mind and thus they are improving by learning yoga. By practicing Yoga regularly, own children are free to explore their talents, games, indoor and outdoor  games etc;


Vocational skills courses


As we had mentioned in our earlier reports / communications,  the vocational skills courses are regularly conducted both for girls and boys on all Saturdays and Sunday and also on all govt. holidays by engaging qualified tutors and Teachers properly.  The details of the Vocational skills courses are given below:


Tailoring                     : 30 girls - From 9th to 12th Standard

Music                         : 30 Girls & Boys - From 9th to 12th standard

Goat Rearing & Poultry

Rearing training          : Boys : 20; Girls - 30;  - From 9th to 12th standard

All girls and boys of the above courses are learning on the  knowledge cum inputs during the courses / trainings which of course will give employments / self-employments in future after leaving the home as additional livelihood activities to these children who happen to stop their academic studies after 12th standard.


Indoor and Outdoor games


With the sports articles provided by the donors, the grown up girls and boys are regularly playing Basket ball and Volley ball  as outdoor games in the evening hours.  The indoor games are played by younger children viz.  Caram, Chess etc; which make them to get exercise for their mind and body. 


Maintenance of Health and Hygiene


All children at home are regularly guided and instructed to maintain good health and to adhere to hygiene practices in view of protecting themselves from the communicable and non-communicable and non-communicable diseases.  Moreover, adequate health awareness education is being given to all children as precautionary measures on preventive, promotive and curative aspects of health.


The children who are affected by any sorts of disease, they are immediately taken to clinics / hospitals and proper medical treatments are given to them.  We are able to observe that children have got adequate immunity power and hence they feel good health due to intake of nutrient contained food items regularly.  There is an additional factor for attaining good health by children is because of the healthy atmosphere of the home and its surroundings and adherence of good health cum hygiene practices of the children.




Based on the policies framed for the proper cum effective, systematic functioning of the Home of children at Vedapatti along with the valuable, appropriate and timely needed guidelines which you are providing in different intervals for us, we, the management of the home are running with special focus and concentration specifically paying much care on the well being of every child the home in all aspects.


The attainment of progressive status of home and the children at Vedapatti are possible only because of your continuous financial support along with your valuable guidelines over the success of our every effort cum endeavor for which we will be ever grateful to you, the foundation Board members and the concerned donors.

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