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The chanlange

In 2014 Marijn, Theo and Jan from our Foundation have visited Fr. Philip Sudhakar in Ponmandurai, close to Dindigul, a place near Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India. In the parish of St. Anthony there were children without a fixed place to stay. They had different backgrounds: orphans, drop-outs, dalis etc. there was no regular place to stay for these children, they were wandering around the house of the parish priest Fr. Philip.  Soon the idea was born to attempt to create a home for these children with the help of Fr. Philip. The diocese of Dindigul lead by the bishop would be our formal project partner. A location was set, a policy plan and budget were agreed by our Foundation’s Board. In 2016 the first stone for the new building was laid.

During the period, the plans were created there was a vacancy for the position of bishop of the Diocese. Somewhat later a new bishop was appointed, Reverend Thomas Paulsamy.  He immediately took responsibility for the project and advised that the location was not optimal. He came up with an existing building on a different more ideal in Vedapatty, Dindigul. The building is owned by the Diocese. He also decided to take over the lead for the whole project form Fr. Philip Sudhakar. It was decided to make a plan for the adjustment of the building for a Development Centre for Children and for the organisation of the Centre. The already invested resources would be regenerated for the new Vedapatty project and the old location would get a new destination.


In the beginning of 2017, Hanny and Paul visited India to negotiate with the new bishop, Reverend Thomas Paulsamy, about the changing plans.  They visited the development centre themselves and spoke with the responsible people over there. They already made a start with the reconstruction of the building. At the end of the year the building would be ready and would start formally by then.

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