(From the statutes of the founding act of the Children Welfare Foundation South India)

Article 2 - Aim

1. The Foundation aims to promote the welfare and education of children under eighteen (18) years old in South India through support in: 

• the construction of new schools (primary and secondary education) and maintenance thereof;

• equipment of the school, including plumbing and food facilities; 

• projects related to improving the quality of education; 

• the creation of new and maintain existing orphanages; 

• other types of activities aimed at promoting the welfare of children in South India.


2. The Foundation serves the public interest.

3. The Foundation is a non-profit organization.

4. The foundation seeks to achieve its objectives by a/o: 

• targeted fundraising within and outside Europe;

• the deployment of specific officers within the Foundation for projects in India; 

• motivation of (groups of) people to make intangible contributions in order to achieve the objectives of the Foundation; 

• developing reliable counterparts in India to help evaluating project proposals and facilitate execution of them.

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