Criteria and procedures for approval of requests:


  1. Applications must fit within the objectives of the Foundation and therefore relate to children and young people in the south of India. Applications may relate to education and/or care of children. The realization of the approved projects has to contribute to the happiness and wellbeing of children and young people.

  2. Only project applications from legal entities are financially supported. No aid is given to individuals.

  3. Applicant must be a legal entity established in one of the states of South India. There canbe exceptional cases where this is not a necessity.

  4. The amount to be subsidized should be consistent with the carrying capacity of the Foundation members. The size of a financial contribution is determined for each project request by the Foundation Board.

  5. Applications for financial assistance should be submitted in writing. They must have a proper motivation, a financial basis and a detailed plan for carrying out the financed activities.

  6. Applications of legal entities must include an establishment act or other legal document proving the legal existence of an entity. Also the presence of a recent financial report and a document describing the governing structure of such organization is obligatory.

  7. If the project for which an application is submitted is already financed by other bodies (funds and / or authorities), then this should be stated. Also the reasons behind the existing funding being insufficient have to be stated.

  8. If possible, an own financial contribution or other type of effort by the applicant is requested by the Foundation.

  9. The applicant is requested to conduct a narrative and financial report after the project is finished.

  10. Applications collected by one of the board members. The application is stored as file and it is assessed, whether the application meets the criteria.  Missing data are requested, If necessary, the missing data are requested and supplemented before the application is submitted to the Board.


Applications can be approved or rejected other than in a Board meeting. In that case the Board members send their approval/rejection in a written form to the President of the Foundation.

Download here the application form:

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