The pictures above were taken when the building was still under construction. It gives a good picture of the simple yet effective architecture. In a relatively short period of time the building has been planned and the construction started. Since its grand opening in 2007, thousands of children enjoyed receiving their education here.

Although the school building would not meet European standards, in South India such a property is a precious possession. With 2 floors, 12 classrooms and a common auditorium it is sufficient for delivering good education to the youngest.

Thanks to the construction of the school many children have the opportunity for a good education in a safe, protected environment. Previously, classes were taught in temporary locations, completely unsuitable for education purposes. There is a young and enthusiastic team of teachers. The children from the area of ​​Alanchy now have the prospect of a better life, where education plays an important role.

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Stichting Jeugdwelzijn Zuid-India

Weergraaf 30

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