During our last visit in South India, we visited the city of Dindigul. We were in the parish of Father Philip Sudhakar and visited the elementyaryschool nearby. In those days we saw remarkebly, that besides the schedule of the schoollessons 30 till 40 children from 4 until 14 years old were “hanging around” the church und the priest's home. We asked Father Philip what was going on and he replied:” These are abandoned children.” It is not unusual in India , that each of the parents after a divorce starts a new life in a different city and leave their children where they are. Wenn we came home, we decided in one of our meetings to build an orphanage for these children of Dindigul, a home, that is appropriate for the children's needs and adapted to the requirements of the state and community.


Refering to this project, about what you can read on our website to build an orphanage in Dindigul for 40 till 50 children, one can ask, how we start with a proper exploitation and guarantee it for the following years. We made a plan to ask people in our own envirement (family, friends) te adopt financially one or more children for a fixed period (for example 5 or 10 years) with an amount of 50 or 100 euro per year. A small group of adults , volunteers, will care for the children in the orphanage (cooking, cleaning and washing), A general board will look after the organisation of the house.The costs will be low. We hope, that the sponsors will contribute e few thousand euro's each year.


We will not recompense these sponsors; maybe sometimes a few pictures of the house and its inhabitants to protect and to guarantee the safety and privacy of the children. With the contributions we will pay food and drinks, cothing and studies. The money will be spent not for individual children, but for the whole group of orphans.

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