The history of the Children Welfare Foundation South India  starts in the year 2000 when Jan van Corven travels to South India (especially to the states Tamil Nadu and Kerala). He is struck by the fate of children and widows. Children suffer from bad infrastructure and the low education level; widows suffer from the fact that they are neglected by society from the moment their husbands have died.


Jan van Corven gets into contact with the local network of the diocese of Kottar. The former Vicar-General, father Hieronymus Cruz, future director of the children hospital of Vellamadam, is the spider in the web. He coordinates a huge amount of small-scale projects.


Fascinated by the culture, the population of South India and the ever present needs for human subsistence he decides to return regularly in order to support new projects.

During a visit in 2004 the village Alanchy in the very south of India is visited. Struck by the conditions in which the youngest children have to receive education (the classrooms look like henhouses) the decision is taken to build a new school. The costs are estimated at $50.000. With the help of friends in Europe and the United States a school is built with 12 classrooms, 2 stories and an auditorium. The building starts in 2005 and the formal opening takes place in 2007.


In 2011 based on many requests for help, it is decided to raise a foundation so funds can be raised in a more effective way. Jan van Corven asks Theo Hoedjes en Marijn van de Laar if they would like to become member of the Foundation Board and they accept. The Children Welfare Foundation South India is born.Later on, Paul van Gulick and Hanny van der Schoot joined the Foundation Board.


Jan van Corven:

President (economist, entrepreneur in Poland)

Theo P.A.M. Hoedjes:

Treasurer, Secretary (educationalist)

Marijn van de Laar:

Minutes, Fundraising (catholic priest)

Paul van Gulick:

PR & Webmaster (composer, conductor, entrepreneur)

Hanny van der Schoot:

Education & PR (special education generalist)

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